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An appeal of Africans living in India – Stop racism, please! (Video)

A few weeks ago the story of Nigerians who suffered racial violence at Delhi's "Rajiv Chownk" subway station made headlines all over the world. The impact of the accident was so strong that it made sure that the embassies of the African continent had to deal with the issue of Africans who are safe in India.

It has created an aspect of India that exists but which is not yet in the open. The following teaser of social experiments an initiative taken to obtain the opinions of African students living in India in the public domain.

In the video, two African students studying in Hyderabad are interviewed. Spread the beans on what they live in everyday life in India. They also mentioned how every Indian works on the perception that they are drug dealers or doing drug-related things in India.

The video sends a very strong message to those who do it daily. We need to learn what they are going through in their shoes.

Watch this video and share it with your friends. Let's try to ensure that racial discrimination does not happen again in our neighborhood. Here is the video of impact.

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