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Already 1 million podcasts from iTunes

It took only two days and the users of iTunes 4.9, the one that supports podcasting, have already subscribed to over a million podcasts available online for free.

Apple saw it again this time, read in the nascent phenomenon of "home-made radios" a trend that starts from its own product, iPod, to become huge in the future.

The same Steve Jobs the day after the launch of iTunes 4.9 released his first telephone interview with ABC, which immediately proceeded to put it online to listen to it also on iTunes and later on the iPods.

Several podcast producers have made it known that for two days the flow of requests for their audio transmissions has grown considerably and this of course upon entering the Apple software industry. Adam Curry (former VJ of the American MTV and co-founder of the PodShow Podcast Network) believes that "in the coming months iTunes will bring tens of millions of new listeners into the world of podcasting".

The servers that manage these podcasting flows have generally been fatigued in these 48 hours, "stratospheric increase in traffic", to be reported to the KCRW station in Santa Monica, well defines the type of change in habits thanks to the availability of an iTunes allows you to subscribe to the various podcasting present online.

The phenomenon of podcasting thanks to iTunes then passes from the "word of mouth" phase to that of formalization, provides those who create podcasting with a "license" and an independent guide on which to choose the audio transmission that you want to listen to in a long cataloging, or the iTunes Podcast Directory.