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Acer Nav, the app for traveling between hotels and restaurants

Offline 3d maps and Trip Advisor database, to get info and reviews on the fly. And further on, you'll also get the location of the speed cameras

(Photo: Acer)(Photo: Acer)

For owners of his smartphones, Acer has developed a GPS navigation app in collaboration with TomTom. It's called Acer Nav and has it supplied 3d and offline road maps, to avoid problems with data plans and roaming costs.

Owners of Liquid smartphones (Z500 or Jade) will be able to install the application for free on the device. Acer Nav is based on a database provided by TripAdvisor, to give updated information on destinations and points of interest in the surroundings. The software integrates the assessments and reviews of thousands of hotels, hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions on the world's most popular website.

Coming in November, Acer Nav will have soon updates with two new features on real-time traffic and the location of speed cameras.


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