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AAPL, the ascent continues

AAPL, the ascent continues

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The rise in the stock value of Apple continues a few days. On several occasions, AAPL, since the beginning of the week, has recorded daily increases that have even exceeded 5%, bringing the value of the shares back to over $ 56, a dozen more than in the middle of the month when the stock did not exceed 47 $. Yesterday the list has marked a new leap forward of more than 3% To revive the quotas would have been in the first place the favorable comments from numerous financial analysts according to which even if there are no certainties on the trend of the fourth fiscal premises remain excellent. Secondly, Apple benefits from the more relaxed, at least partially, climate that is experienced among technology investors. The Nasdaq has overcome the crisis and is looking for new ideas to climb ahead of the Christmas shopping season. In this context, Apple offers investors decidedly cheaper shares, by price-performance ratio, than those of other IT players. Finally, according to some observers, behind the growth in the value of AAPL there would be the first reports coming from sales channels and showing that the New York hardware was appreciated by consumers. This news would only confirm the predictions of those who believe that Apple's growth forecasts are correct and that at the end of the quarter, on September 30th, Jobs has once again been right. We remember that the stock price target Apple had been set by many analysts at 70/75 dollars, a threshold that would have been reached by the end of the year. The turbulence on the Nasdaq and the drop in iMac sales between the end of May and the beginning of July caused the stock to drop to 45. It is difficult to say if those forecasts will now be respected, but the space for growth, especially if the current fiscal fourth proves to be profitable, but still very broad.

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