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A 19 inch laptop?

A 19 inch laptop?

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The resolution of a 19 ? note of 1600 × 1200 pixell is the limit that Dell wants to reach with its next laptop. The monitor capable of this resolution will be a 15.4 ? active matrix, and many have raised the objection that with such a small visible area it will not be easy to manage such a high resolution, the risk that all icons and control buttons windows are too small to be used comfortably. On the Apple front, however, the expectations for a new monitor, to be found on the next laptop, are very high: the current monitor, although with all the necessary improvements, was introduced in 1998 with the WallStreet series, since then the resolution and the size remained unchanged, while changing the graphics control chipsets; with the next machine it would not be unlikely to find a 15 "monitor instead of the current 14", the size of the machine would not change much, but it would benefit the achievable resolution, which would be increased to 1280 × 1024 instead of the current 1024 × 768 .

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