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World Emoji Day: which are the most used Emoji in the world

noviembre 29, 2019

Today, July 17th, the World Emoji Day is celebrated, which could be called the World Day of the Emoji. here are the most used Emoji in the world

Today, July 17th, we celebrate the World Emoji Day, which could be defined as World Emoji Day. To celebrate it better, Facebook and Messenger make available new data that shows which Emojis are shared the most around the world.

More than 2 billion people around the world use Facebook every month as a place to connect, share their thoughts, ideas and moments of joy with friends.

Every day more than 60 million Emojis are used on Facebook and more than 5 billion on Messenger. The most used Emoji on Facebook and Messenger all over the world in the last 30 days have been the face with tears of joy (more than 332 million), followed by daimoji with eyes in the shape of a heart (254 million) and by the face that sends the heart-shaped kiss (more than 160 million).

World Emoji Day 2017: which are the most used Emojis in the world

In Italy the kiss with the heart wins, the emoji that corresponds to this in ASCII format; – *World Emoji Day Emoji on Facebook by country

The infogafica of the most used Emoji on Facebook and Messenger

WORLD Emoji Day infographic


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