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Will Facebook introduce mobile payments?

The discovery, made by a young Stanford student, would involve the introduction of a new feature on Facebook Messenger in the coming months for mobile payments.

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<p>Not content to manage updates and connections between friends of over a billion users, the long arm of <strong>Facebook</strong> is preparing to enter the world of gods <strong>payments</strong> up <strong>devices</strong> <strong>mobile</strong>.According to a report of <strong>TechCrunch</strong>, Andrew Aude, a Stanford developer student, would have discovered <strong>a function still unpublished</strong> Facebook Messenger using a hacking tool for iOS and Mac OS X called Cycript.</p>
<p>Aude, who published the discovery Saturday on Twitter with screenshots of what he found, explains that the dynamic that should allow users to <strong>Facebook Messenger</strong> to pay will be similar to that adopted by the users of Square app Cash, ie sending money with their own <strong>credit card</strong> through their <strong>mobile phone</strong>.Aude, in addition to claiming that the functionality could be implemented in <strong>coming months</strong>, he would also have found another note in the code indicating that initially only one-to-one transactions will be allowed.</p><div class=

At the moment for, from Facebook, there are no answers.


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