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USB Type-C Hub for MacBook Dodocool with USB, HDMI, SD and Ethernet

Since I purchased the 2016 MacBook Pro, which does not come with the classic USB port, I start the purchase of adapters for connecting the various accessories. I've tried a lot over the months, but I'm always ready to buy new ones that are smaller and include all the doors I need. I need at least a standard USB port to connect the iPhone to the MacBook being developed with Xcode. Moreover, when I have the possibility, I want to connect the laptop to an external screen via HDMI port and to the router via Ethernet cable, in order to take advantage of the maximum speed that the network can offer. To do all this necessary aUSB Type-C Hub for MacBook.

Therefore, an adapter would be ideal that includes these three types of ports. At the moment, however, I could not find a product with a low cost with these features. I therefore entrusted myself to two distinct adapters, which allow me to use all the doors I need. Both products are made by Dodocool and stand out for having an affordable cost and excellent build quality.

USB Type-C Hub for MacBook

7-in-1 Type-C USB Hub

The first adapter is a USB Type-C Hub for MacBooks that provides 7 ports. The convenience of such a product that manages to offer a high degree of expandability with highly contained dimensions. The base measures 12.5 × 8 cm, for a height of 2cm. built in aluminum (the bottom instead in plastic) but despite it manages to guarantee a weight of about 100g. The doors are located on the two long sides of the device, thus distributed: on the left side there are two 3.0 type USB ports, a microSD reader and one of SD cards; on the right side there is a third USB 3.0 port, an HDMI output and a USB Type-C port.

In everyday use, we are faced with a product that is never put in difficulty even if used intensively. The HDMI output can manage video streams at a maximum resolution of 4K (not possible to use 5K monitors), never distorting the signal and ensuring a color rendering true to what is visible on the laptop display.

Even the USB ports manage to fully manage the 5Gbps band made available to them: the transfer of different folders from an external Hard Disk to the MacBook, with a total weight of 168.71GB, was completed in just 28 minutes.

With other adapters I often found sudden disconnections when multiple peripherals were connected in sequence. With the Dodocool product this problem never occurred, guaranteeing a high degree of reliability.

I would like to point out that, with intensive use, even after a few minutes the adapter starts to heat up above. Nothing transcendental, but it is right to point out this problem. If you are interested in purchasing the Dodocool 7-in-1 USB Type-C Hub, Amazon is sold at the price of 35.99. In addition to MacBooks, Windows PCs with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 are supported.

Gigabit Ethernet Type-C USB adapter

Unfortunately the USB Type-C Hub device for MacBook I mentioned earlier does not have an Ethernet port. I think the reason is to be found in the thickness of the product. In fact it would not have been enough to accommodate even this door. Therefore, I decided to provide for this lack by purchasing a second adapter that provides only a Gigabit Ethernet port. The Dodocool product made entirely of plastic but very compact and practical to transport.

The adapter can exploit the 5Gbps band provided by the laptop's USB Type-C port. A data transfer rate greater than 40Gbps is guaranteed.I did a speed test with the MacBook Pro connected via Ethernet to a router with a 100Mbps connection. The results were excellent: 1ms ping and 94Mbps download and upload speed.

This means that with the Dodocool adapter you can fully use the band provided by your internet provider without signal degradation. The Gigabit Ethernet Type-C USB adapter can be purchased on Amazon for the price of 14.99.