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The 10 companies that are revolutionizing Wi-Fi

noviembre 29, 2019

The 10 most innovative companies, committed to changing the way in which individuals and companies will be able to use Wi-Fi in a secure and stable way.

Today we want to share with you the 10 most innovative companies, committed to changing the way in which individuals and companies will be able to use Wi-Fi, thus striving to make the Web accessible, stable and secure.

There are 10 companies that offer wi-fi, taking into account the fact that obtaining great advantages always accompanied by great responsibilities and sometimes even threats. The absence of a network connection, security breaches and unprotected surfing by children can lead to money loss, identity theft and dysfunctional education.

1 – Google Wi-Fi

Google Wi-Fi is a wonderful creation and – of course – offered by Google, renowned for innovation and commitment in making the user experience the best possible, simplifying the execution of operations and making them immediate. Google Wi-Fi is no different: it guarantees a fast and strong wireless signal even in larger homes.

google wi-fi 10 companies that revolutionize wi-fi

2 – Anyfi

The creators of Anyfi work on a large scale and through their system you will need a minimum number of access points to cover even the largest areas. With a large number of connected users, Wi-Fi will continue to work at stable speed.

10 companies that revolutionize wi-fi

3 – CUJO

The main purpose of the CUJO company is to maintain the safety of its customers. CUJO connects to the network and protects all devices from the smart TV to the laptop to the smartphone.

10 companies that revolutionize wi-fi

4 – Plume

Plume is an intelligent group of beautifully designed devices to detect and understand where and when Wi-Fi becomes weaker. Just insert Plume in the power socket, solving any problems in a short time. The company was the first to create a wireless self-optimization system in the world.

Plume 10 companies that revolutionize wi-fi

5 – Eero

The company that invented the WirelessEero system is based on data collected in thousands of homes. In this way the product can adapt to a wide variety of families. The new version of Eero twice as strong as the previous one and with a special application. One of the models connects directly to a wall socket.

There were 0 companies that revolutionized wi-fi

6 – Luma

This company has decided to declare war on dead zones. Luma is a system that offers three solutions to the three most important Wi-Fi related problems: parental control to prevent children from browsing here and without limitations, a home Wi-Fi to create an intelligent network and computer security for block hackers.

Luma 10 companies that revolutionize wi-fi

7 – Velop

The creators of Velop have focused on many important things during the creation of this product and the main one among them is ease of use. A word that describes this Wi-Fi system "freedom". You can cover even the largest buildings with a quality wireless service.

velop 10 companies that revolutionize wi-fi

8 – Orbi

Orbi a modern and innovative Tri-Band Wi-Fi system, created to ensure you have the fastest possible Internet connection at any time. The company offers a dedicated guide to help you choose the best type of Orbi system based on customer needs.

orbi 10 companies that revolutionize wi-fi

9 – Amplifi

AmpliFi a Wi-Fi system with incredible speed, coverage and design. You connect to the AmpliFi application by phone via Bluetooth and the network points can be easily entered from any output in a building.

amplfi 10 companies that revolutionize wi-fi

10 – Securifi

The name Securifi speaks from s. The main objective of the company is to keep both Wi-Fi and navigation as safe as possible. Recently the company released a new model called Almond 3 Smart Home Wi-Fi.

securifi 10 companies that revolutionize wi-fi

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