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Recover lost or deleted files with Disk Drill 3: Review

It will certainly have happened to you to have documents on an external hard disk or on a pendrive and to eliminate them unintentionally. It happened to me several times, with the consequent loss of files that I had not saved elsewhere. I have therefore been searching for software for recover lost or deleted files. On the web there are many solutions, both free and paid.

just make a necessary premise: no data recovery software guarantees the complete recovery of all files that have been deleted or have been lost. Having said that, it is good to evaluate solutions with a high number of functions. This will increase the likelihood of our data being recovered. All data recovery software is based on one factor. When the computer deletes a file, it is not actually deleted. Simply the space occupied by the file is reported as free by the operating system.

In this way, when the computer needs to memorize something, it can write the data in the memory area that has been marked as free. This implies that as long as the operating system does not write something in the memory area where the deleted file was present, it can still be recovered. When something is written in that area, the old file is lost forever.

Surfing the web, writing an email or listening to a song in streaming are all operations that need to write files to the disc. For this reason, when you need to recover lost or deleted files, it is essential to play down and not use any application.

As mentioned above, following some lost files on my Mac I started looking for an excellent data recovery software. After several researches I decided to give a chance Disk Drill 3 for Mac. This software is also available for the Windows platform, but in this review you will analyze only the Mac version. The two versions are practically identical. The only addition of the Mac version is the possibility to retrieve data even on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Recover lost or deleted files with Disk Drill 3

The basic application of Disk Drill 3 Free. It basically allows two operations to be performed: monitoring the health of the hard disk (or SSD) and checking which data can be recovered. You can start a scan not only on the Mac drive, but also on external Hard Drives, pendrive and iOS and Android devices. Each accessory equipped with a Hard Disk can be scanned using Disk Drill 3. If you are lucky and the files you lost can be recovered, you will need to purchase the PRO license to be able to restore them on your Mac.

Performance and results

recover lost files

Search for lost or deleted files very quickly and easily. On a 3TB disk, Disk Drill 3 took about 4 minutes to complete the entire scan. At the end of the search, all recoverable files will be shown in a list. This will allow you to select the files to be restored.

A convenient function allows you to create a virtual disk to be accessed as if it were an external hard drive. It will contain all the files you can recover organized in folders. In this way you will be able to browse through the various folders that the software managed to rebuild and drag on your Mac what you want to recover.

If the quick scan has not found the files you were looking for, you can always carry out a more thorough scan (which will take longer than the first). Although this possibility is useful, in my tests both modes have recovered the same number of files. undoubtedly, however, such an option can be very useful to different users. Another convenient function allows you to stop scanning and resume it later. Very useful when we need to get away from the Mac and don't want to lose what we did.

Disk monitoring

recover lost or deleted files

The free version of Disk Drill 3 for Mac allows you to check the status of your hard disk. This feature does not protect you from any problems but checks that everything is working properly.

By enabling this function, a new icon will appear in the menu that will show the SMART information of the disc. This information is also present within the software interface, without the need to enable this function through the icon of the menubar.

Data recovery from iOS and Android

recover lost files 2

Disk Drill 3 adds the possibility to recover lost or deleted files from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android devices with root permissions. This function is very useful when an update is not successful and we have no recent backup from which to recover the data.

The operation of this feature is very simple: just connect the device to the Mac, click the button Recover and then select the types of data you want to restore. If you have an Android device, it must have root permissions or the mass storage mode must be enabled, otherwise Disk Drill will not be able to start the recovery process.


Disk Drill 3 for Mac an excellent tool. It allows not only to recover lost or deleted files, but also to keep the disk status under control. Compared to competing solutions, it has a very simple user interface to use, even by those with little experience with the Mac. With a simple button you can start scanning the disk and the function that allows you to create a virtual disk with our data recovered a lot helpful.

To appreciate the effort of the developers, who have decided to implement the scanning of deleted files also of iOS and Android. Many important files today pass through mobile devices. Currently there are few software that allow you to manage data recovery on iOS and Android.

If you want to try the basic functions of Disk Drill 3 for Mac, you can do it by downloading it from this link. If you are looking for the Windows PC version, you can find it here. If you decide that Disk Drill can do for you, you can buy a license for the PRO version for $ 89 (about 79 at the current exchange rate).