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Off eBay Live 8 illegal DVDs

Not everyone knows it, but the largest distribution channel of software, music and pirated movies, not the Internet or the extra-community on the street corner. It is instead eBay, where every day hundreds of thousands of auctions are sold with the subject of illegal copies and bootlegs of records, concerts, films, software boxes and all that in violation of copyright imaginable.

In this way the small distributors are able to supply retailers and "amateurs" from all over the world with anonymous packages sent by courier. Of course, buying a pirated three-euro CD by Eros Ramazzotti is not the most popular thing for anyone who hangs out on eBay. But the Live 8 pirated DVD, made by editing the abundant endorsement of the charity concert in record time.

The phenomenon, in this global concert that has revived the splendor of the Live Aid, despite the wide and beneficial availability of legal channels for the authorized download (as we have written here too), has assumed alarming dimensions. To such an extent that the British Phonographic Industry, the equivalent of the American Riaa, that is to say the association of British record companies, has seen a good fall in the field to contain the phenomenon.

To do this he stated that eBay had to cooperate and "throw down" the auctions that dealt with the burning material. If not out of respect for the right to copy, at least to protect the charitable purpose of the prebend, to devolve to the needy populations of the most unfortunate area of ??the planet. Having said that, eBay has adjusted and the myriad of auctions have been blocked, marking an important point and precedent for those seeking to protect the copyright also of "live" events, for example broadcast worldwide on billions of billions of families (who could then videoregistrarelo with a certain ease) and not only of "study" sold only through commercial channels.