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New Youtube: new graphics, new logo, new features

Here comes the new Youtube, change graphics, reveal the new logo and add some important features like the dark mode.

a new Youtube that presents itself today: Youtube changes graphics, look and logo and adds some important features to the platform, explained in an official post written by Neal Mohan, Chief Product Officer, on the Google Italy blog which we report in full below.

New Youtube graphics 2017: 12 years of evolution

"When YouTube was launched 12 years ago, it was a single website that could only support videos with 320 x 240 resolution in 4: 3 format. Things have changed quickly and today YouTube allows you to watch any combination of videos in SD, HD, 4K, 3D, 360 degrees and live on almost all devices with Internet connections: computers, phones, tablets, TVs, consoles for video games and even virtual reality viewers.

We have also introduced apps and services that allow you to look and get closer to the content and creator you love the most. Whatever your passion, on YouTube you can live an experience designed especially for you: music lovers on YouTube Music and, in some countries, gamers on YouTube Gaming, families on the YouTube Kids app or, again, on the subscription service YouTube Red for fans who want to enjoy an uninterrupted and ad-free experience, with exclusive content created by the creators.

To put it in simple terms, the new YouTube has come a long way. And much still has to be done. In the last few months we have begun to release updates, which will continue during the year, through which we will introduce new features and a more uniform graphics on both mobile and desktop devices ".

New YouTube: the app for mobile devices

Let's start with the new oneYouTube app for mobile devices, which boasts many new features:

  • New Youtube; A cleaner design: for the header chosen the white color, which highlights the contents, move the navigation tabs to the lower part of the app so that they are easier to reach. We've also added the new Collection and Account tabs to let you easily find what you're looking for.
  • New Youtube: Videos that move with you: one of the projects we are working on the possibility of interacting with YouTube using gestures. In the first part of the year, we launched a gesture that allows you to quickly advance or turn back 10 seconds by double-tapping the right or left side of a video. Try it. Many users have already used it. And I am pleased to provide some foretaste of another gesture that I particularly care about. In the coming months we will experiment with a feature that allows you to switch from one video to another by sliding your hand on the screen: just slide to the left to watch a previous video or to the right to see the next one.
  • The speed you prefer: users love the function to increase and slow down the speed of video playback on the desktop. For this reason, today we are happy to introduce this feature also in the mobile app, so that you can watch videos at the speed you prefer.
  • Optimal visualization of any video format: we have also studied new ways to better visualize each type of video. Soon, the YouTube player will change shape based on the format of the video you're watching, be it vertical, horizontal or square. This means that you can always automatically enjoy optimal viewing, even vertical videos, without the typical black bars on the sides.
  • Navigation and discovery while viewing: Recently, we've added a feature that lets you view a series of recommended videos while you are watching in full screen mode. We are also working to transform the area below the video player to make it possible to browse videos in completely new ways.

Youtube: new design for the desktop version

In addition to the news about the YouTube app, we also worked on a new design for the desktop version. And thanks to the positive feedback we received, we are really happy to make it available worldwide starting today. For the new look, we used Material Design, which makes YouTube even easier, fresher and more intuitive and enhances its contents. Because there is nothing more important than the creators and the contents that we all love.

Dark youtube mode

But what I prefer about the new desktop design is Dark theme, which allows you to watch videos on a dark background for a more cinematic experience. Below you can see the evolution of desktop design from 2005 to today:

new youtube Desktop evolution

Youtube New logo and icon

The Logo and license YouTubes are both renewed. Designed for a multi-screen world, the new logo combines a more essential YouTube icon and wordmark, for a more versatile final effect. Why is it more versatile? When space is limited (for example on a smartphone), the new icon with a brightened look can be used as a shortened logo, so as to stand out more than what happened with the previous version. The new design will be available on both mobile and desktop devices starting today and will soon be extended to all services and apps.

YouTube logo evolution 2007-2017

New Youtube Logo