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New products from GlobalVillage.

New products from GlobalVillage. |

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GlobalVillage had been owned by Boca Research for some years but frankly there were no big advantages from this company. Now Zoom Telephonics (the new owner of the brand once very close to Apple) announces new modems compliant with the ITU V.92 / V.44 standard and ADSL developed jointly and sold with the two brands.

The V.92 / V.44 modems (they are the most recent compression standards, will allow the handshaking to be carried out with times reduced by up to 70% compared to today's V.90 and will be able to implement the MOH system, or the possibility to receive / make phone calls while connected to the network without having to connect again) will be provided with the popular Global Fax software (which will eventually be updated after a long time of oblivion).

For next year we will instead see products for ADSL, cable modem and wireless LAN that can share the AirPort standard.

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