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It is a record: 500 million songs for iTunes

It was 23.48 and 33 seconds in Italy (2.48: 33 pm in Cupertino) when the iTunes Music Store sold the number 500,000,000 song.

A result obtained with 19 iTMS open between North America and Europe and with 812 days of activity (iTunes Music Store opened on April 28th 2003).

On Sunday evening a record was set that besides being currently unsurpassed by any other online digital legal music store also a clear sign that the legal digital music business has a bright future.

These days the sales of music on the iTunes Music Store have varied a great deal, the surges have been seen when in the United States the users of the Apple store were awake, when Europe bought, it did so at much lower rates.

The lion's share was made by the Americans, also thanks to a jukebox decidedly richer in musical choices, compared to other nations. A trend already observed on the milestone of the 50 million songs sold in Europe on June 23rd.

It goes without saying that, as widely predictable, sales projections made by observing only a few hours of a day, could not find relevance in reality after a few hours.

To reward the buyers of every song for every 100,000, the numbering in Flash on Apple's homepages suffered adjustments that, in the approach of the figure, also jumped by a few thousand numbers.

The race to win the final prize for the purchase of the 500,000,000 number song was very intense.

If at 5 and a half o'clock in the morning of this Sunday, Apple marked 498.900.000 songs, to reach 499.000.000 had to wait until 7 am, the threshold of 499.100.000 was reached shortly after 10 am and around 13.00 am, the 499.200 .000, calm until 5:30 in the afternoon when iTMS indicated 499,300,000 songs. Shortly before 10 pm, 499.400.000 tracks were sold but, with the New Continent returned to buy, the acceleration was very strong and, in less than two hours, half a billion were reached.

In the coming days Apple will publish the list of winners of the iPods up for grabs, as well as the name of the lucky winner of the field and very rich (about 15,000 euros in value) final prize.

We hope to find some Italian among them, to convince the men of Cupertino that it is worthwhile to bet some more resources on the iTunes Music Store concerning Italy.