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Hyperlapse, now also for selfies

The Instagram app for Time-Lapse is updated and now also allows the front camera to be used

You have tried over and over again to make selfies on the go using Hyperlapse but with poor results? Problem solved, thanks to new update for iOS which provides for the front camera support of the iPhone.

How it works Set the camera to selfielapse, holding down the classic small button on the camera (bottom right).

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<p>Stay still on a moving background or recover while you walk and play. The new feature plans to <strong>document a transformation,</strong> like a new haircut or take yourself back while turning around a chair or jumping off a trampoline (we're sure you'll be much more creative than that).</p>
<p>The only missing passage: it is not possible to move from the selfielapse mode to the hyperlapse in the race. Choose the right camera for your shot right from the start.</p>
<p>For other useful info, click here.</p>
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