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How to revoke access to Google accounts on Android devices

On our smartphones and tablets we store every data, even those that can be considered sensitive. As long as we are the only ones who use our device, there is no problem, the following is stolen, even serious problems that involve our privacy begin to arise. If you are also struggling with these problems and want to prevent strangers from reading your e-mail or using other services, in this guide we will see how revoke access Google account and inhibit others from accessing your mail Gmail and al Play Store on a device Android that was stolen.

The convenience of a Google account, which using a single password can manage the entire Google world: email, browser, Youtube, google Play Store, etc. and by logging out, exit all Google services. This is the method we will use to protect our privacy in case the smartphone is stolen.

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How to revoke access to Google accounts on Android devices

  • First connect from a computer to the Google account fromthis link and log in with your Google account that is also associated with the device Android.
  • A login page will open that will ask you to enter the password, where you will find all the services associated with your account to which you have given consent to access your Google account.

revoke access to Google account 1

  • After entering, click on the account icon at the top right and click on Personal account.

revoke access Google account 2

  • From here click on Access and security -> Recently used devices that you find under the sectionDevice activity and notifications. Here you will find all the devices associated with Google accounts that you've been using lately.
  • To revoke access to your account e dissociate Android device stolen, just click on the device to be dissociated and then click on REMOVE.

revoke access to Google account 3

After performing these operations, the Android device will ask you to re-enter the Google account password in order to continue using the services like GMail or other apps. This process will prevent any person holding your device from accessing Google services. To pair the device again, you will need to re-enter the password and possibly carry out two-factor authentication for greater security.

As we have seen, withdrawing access is very simple, but if you want delete data remotely on your stolen Android smartphone or tablet, I suggest you take a look at the next guide which will show you which solution to adopt in case of theft:

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