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Custom smartphone covers with gocustomized

The smartphone has increasingly become a personal object. always with us and we would like to reflect our tastes. For this reason, there is an increasing demand for every type of accessory that allows us to make our device unique. Of these accessories it is certainly necessary to point out the cases. Available in different variants, but the most classic and also the most requested is the cover that covers the back of the smartphone, leaving only the display uncovered.

On the web you can find different covers for almost all smartphones on the market. Every time I decide to buy a new case, I spend a lot of time browsing through the different models available, finding it very difficult to find one that fully satisfies my tastes. Like me, I am convinced that other people also find themselves facing this dilemma, especially when they buy a new smartphone. From this need services like the one offered by gocustomized. For those not familiar with it, gocustomized a website that allows you to create custom covers in all simplicity and directly from home. Simple operation: choose the cover compatible with our smartphone, customize it and proceed with the order.

In the past I have never tried such services. Driven by curiosity, I wanted to give a chance gocustomized. In this article I would like to share with you my shopping experience and some evaluations on the personalized covers I received at home.

Create custom covers with gocustomized

Choice of the cover

The creation of personalized covers is very simple with gocustomized. After logging onto the official website of the service, you need to choose the model of your smartphone. Only the most sold devices are present. Among them we find iPhone (from model 4 up to the most recent 7 and 7 plus), the S series and the A series of Samsung Galaxy, some models from Huawei, plus another series of smartphones and tablets. For the complete list, I invite you to visit the gocustomized website.

For each smartphone model, we can decide the type of cover. Here the very wide choice and allows to satisfy the taste of many people. It starts from the classic hard cover, passing through the soft TPU cover, the one completely in wood, with a book closure (which therefore also covers the front of the smartphone) or the more traditional leather clutch. You can get all the personalized covers, with a photo of our choice, except for the clutch. The latter allows the insertion of preset logos or a phrase of our choice. I think this limitation is due to a peculiar work that must be done on the skin.

Customizing the cover

After choosing a smartphone model and type of cover, we move on to the actual customization. I decided to create a soft cover for my iPhone. Accessing the screen of assembly of the cover, we find ourselves in front of our smartphone model on which we can see in real time the changes we make to the cover. On the left is the customization menu. Through this menu it is possible to select, in my specific case, the color of the cover (between black, white and transparent), select one of the many default images offered by gocustomized, insert a sentence or upload a personalized image of ours.

custom covers 1

The cover editor works very well (for proper operation I recommend its use on a PC) and allows the final effect to be viewed in the smallest details. My advice is to upload a high resolution image. This avoids receiving a cover with unsatisfactory print quality. Don't worry if the image is bigger than the size of the cover. By means of the editor it is possible to manage the size of the photo or rotate it to obtain the result that is most congenial to us.

We are limited to the insertion of a single image, while we have freedom as regards the insertion of texts. Of the latter we can decide both the font size and the font type from those present in the system.

Once finished with the creation of customized covers, just add it to the cart and complete the order. The price of the cover varies depending on the model chosen. For example, your customized cover for iPhone 7 fluctuates between 13.90 for the rigid model and 29.99 for the leather clutch. To this amount we must add the shipping costs, which vary depending on the courier chosen.

Quality of the cover

Exactly 6 days passed between the completion of the order and the delivery of the cover (I chose the fastest shipping method). The cover is delivered in a cardboard box with the company logo printed on it. As mentioned above, I chose a transparent iPhone soft cover. In the past I used a pure TPU case and, compared to it, that of gocustomized slightly thicker.

custom covers 2

The corners and edges are very robust and it is felt that the cover is able to absorb the fall of a fall without causing damage to the smartphone. The back has a weft that serves to preserve the cover (to prevent it from turning yellow over time) and to prevent the creation of air gaps when the smartphone is inserted. Both the part near the volume keys and the power button are completely open. So we must consider that these keys are not protected by the cover.

custom covers 3

I don't know how the covers are made. To the touch one has the perception that the image has been printed on special sheets, cut out and subsequently pressed on the cover. You may notice a small raised effect when you swipe your finger across the print. In general the final quality is good. The image I chose to have printed composed of writings of different sizes (the inscriptions I did not insert them through the text editor but they were part of the image). Especially with smaller fonts you can notice the high degree of precision of both printing and cropping, which suggests the good quality of even larger images than mine.


Overall I feel quite satisfied with the purchase. The quality of the cover is excellent. Certainly not the most subtle on the market, so if you are a lover of ultra-slim cases than that of gocustomized not for you. Otherwise, instead, we are in the presence of an excellent product, which promises to protect the device well and to last over time.

Even the press, which is the main focus of this review, is good. I chose a difficult print to test the service, and in conclusion I can say that the quality offered allows the printing of excellent photos. If you also want to create custom covers for your smartphone, I suggest you give a chance to gocustomized.