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Aukey Lightning Nylon Cord

The quality of Lightning cables for iPhone and iPad improved significantly in recent years. When Apple released this cable together with iPhone 5 for the first time in 2012, there were two choices to buy for a new cable: buy the original Apple cable for 25, or buy a cheaper but poor quality cable. Economic today is no longer synonymous with poor quality. Companies such as Aukey have been able to establish themselves on the Western market with products of good quality and accessible to everyone, such as the Lightning Nylon braided cable.

The last product I had the chance to try a Lightning cable in braided Nylon. He immediately took the place of the original Apple cable for its excellent assembly, attention to detail and good resistance. If you need to buy a new one Nylon Lightning Cable for iPhone and iPad, I suggest you read this review. At the end you will evaluate whether it is worth spending an expensive amount on an original Apple cable or rely on Aukey's solution.

Nylon Lightning cable

Lightning cord in Aukey braided Nylon, good workmanship and very good price

For a year now, the market for charging cables for smartphones and tablets has been enriched with Nylon solutions. Up Guideitech we tried different solutions for both iPhone / iPad and Android (Nylon charging cable review). The companies were able to grasp the requests of users, who often complained about the reliability of their cables. The solution was found in cables made from braided Nylon threads. They are able to guarantee greater resistance, maintaining good elasticity.

Compared to the first nylon cables I tested, the latest solutions have made significant progress. In fact, companies have improved both the weaving patterns of the threads and the dimensions and materials of the USB and Lightning connectors.

Nylon Lightning Cable -10

Construction quality

The Lightning braided nylon cord by Aukey is part of the latter category of products. At a highly competitive price (9 against Apple's 25) you can buy an excellent cable. The sensations I had just removed the product from the box were very positive. To the touch it can be understood how the cable, from the point of view of the realization, should be placed in a high-end segment of the market, despite the selling price. Nylon threads, very pleasant to the touch, are very finely woven. This is able to guarantee greater resistance when the cable is wound. After several weeks of use I have not noticed the slightest failure and the company guarantees about 4000 push-ups.

As I said, Aukey devoted a lot to the care of details. I wanted to compare the cable with the official Apple one. Both the Lightning and USB connectors are the same size. The Lightning connector is less than 1mm thick. Imperceptible to the naked eye but could create problems with some custom-made accessories for the original Apple cable. In addition, Aukey's Lightning cable connector covers are made of metal, much more protective than Apple's plastic cable.

Nylon 3 Lightning cable

Daily use

In daily use, I did not notice any differences regarding the charging time of the iPhone and iPad. The Aukey cable guarantees the same speed of transmission of the charge compared to the cables that we find in the packaging of Apple devices. The certification MFifinally, it guarantees compatibility with all iPhone, iPad and iPods equipped with a Lightning connector (all mobile products released from the end of 2012 to the present).

Cables that do not have this certification show an error on the iOS device when they are connected. This is because they do not meet Apple's standards. You will not run this risk with the Aukey cable.

Lightning-4 cable


I have long since abandoned Apple cables to recharge iPhones and iPads. There are many solutions that can be found online. I appreciate the Nylon cables that are making headway in the last year. I like to follow their evolution for the attention to detail of many companies that sell these products.

The cable Lightning in Nylon Braided by Aukey a premium product at a reasonable price. At less than half of the selling price of an Apple cable you can buy a very nice product. I consider it superior both in terms of construction and the materials used. You can also buy it in red on Amazonfrom the following link.

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