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Apple Pay will have a dedicated button for advertising on iPhone and iPad

Despite being recently available to consumers, Apple's new mobile payment system is about to be launched on iAD

An important new step forward on the road to development of Apple Pay, the revolutionary mobile payment system launched by the Cupertino company, which will soon begin to be used to support iAD, its mobile advertising portal.

A new function will integrate the two systems via a direct purchase button on the iAD platform, thus giving the natural purchasing process for those familiar with the tool.


The addition of a direct purchase button not for news: Facebook and Twitter have already added functionality of this type, always to monetize directly.

The new button, on the other hand, represents a significant first step to allow those working with a earn more from advertising revenues coming from their applications.

But the function will not start by enhancing 100% of its potential: the purchase button will in fact become more and more effective over time, especially when it can be combined with the new iAD customization function, aimed at allowing users to target their campaigns based on the activities carried out by the users within their application.


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