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360 ° Photos on Facebook: now you can take them directly from the App

Now you can take 360 ??photos on Facebook directly with Facebook camera, or using the same FB mobile app, without additional apps

Now you can take 360 ??photos on Facebook directly with Facebook camera, or using the same Facebook app. Until now, Facebook users have uploaded 70 million 360-degree photos, but all these photos were taken with apps other than Facebook. So the user had to open an app, take the photo and then upload it to Facebook, hoping that the app was completely compatible with cin Facebook, which was not so obvious. Many users experience that 360 Facebook photos do not work because of an imperfect compatibility between the app that clicks and the one that publishes the photo. Sometimes Facebook did not recognize the 360 ??photos, now these problems are over. All users can take 360 ??photos on Facebook directly using the social network app.

Facebook 360 useful photos

For Facebook, this new feature not only helps users, but makes sure that the social media is not abandoned to take 360-degree photos. The goal of Facebook is to be a handyman and always create new tools so that users do not decide to use anything else and that they spend most of their time online on Facebook. This is a long overdue function, so not a surprise, but Facebook has also added the possibility to set a 360 photo as Cover of the profile.

How to take 360 ??photos in Facebook

To take a 360 degree photo in Facebook just open the FB mobile app, click click "360 Photo" at the top of the news feed (next to the status icon). Press the blue button and resume the panoramic image.

Facebook 360 photos