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Windows Phone, updating improves fitness functions

Support for SensorCore technology expands: new apps can count your steps even when the phone is in standby

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<p>With the arrival of the latest version of Windows Phone the Lumia smartphones (with the exception of the cheaper Lumia 530) have equipped themselves with the <strong>SensorCore technology</strong>: a function that allows the CPU to collect and process data from the accelerometer even when the device is in standby. In essence, the phone acts as a pedometer and can integrate this information with the apps that require it. And if until recently it was the only platform to support this function, it was <strong>Bing Health and Wellness</strong> (developed by Microsoft itself), from the Microsoft Conversations blog they know that SensorCore compatible apps are starting to fall on the Redmond digital store.</p><div class=

From running to in-line skating through snow sports: there's something for everyone.


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