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Update Android with root: complete guide

Have you enabled root permissions on your new Android smartphone or tablet but are no longer receiving updates? Perhaps the procedure that enabled root permissions changed the bootloader or other important system files, thus making your smartphone "non-original" in the eyes of the producer, preventing you from receiving further updates. But don't worry: they are there various methods to update Android with root enabled. Discover in this guide all the methods to update Android with root.

Update Android with root

update Android with root 1

Remove root from the device

The first attempt you can make to update Android with root remove the latter; its presence can block the OTA update system or prevent the correct start-up of the components necessary to carry out the official update. To remove root you can use the SuperSU app, as explained in the guide available below.

LINK |How to remove root permanently on Android devices

At the end of the update you can restore root without problems; to reinstall root, just follow the guide available at the link below.

LINK |Root permissions: what they are and how to get them on Android

Update via PC

If the update available as ROM can be freely downloaded from the site, you can download the latest version for your Android smartphone or tablet and flash it. You can get official ROMs from one of the following links:

Search for the latest ROM specific to your device and download it to your PC; once you have finished downloading the new firmware you can flash it on the Android device with one of the tools available here below.

Use LineageOS

Instead of the official operating system you can install on your device LineageOS, an alternative Android operating system without useless apps and without customizations. This alternative operating system receives updates constantly even with the root permissions enabled. To install LineageOS you need to follow a special procedure, which will lead to replacing most of the software on your device.

You can find the steps to follow in the following guide.

LINK |How to install LineageOS on all Android devices

Other guides

Among the tools you can use to flash on Android are ADB and Fastboot; to install them on your PC you can use the following guide.

LINK |How to install ADB and Fastboot on the PC quickly

In addition to the LineageOS ROM you can install a custom recovery, so as to get more functionality when you install packages and ROMs. Find out how to get TWRP, the most famous custom recovery, with the following guide.

LINK |TWRP Recovery: cos and how to install it on Android smartphones

Do you want to get back root permissions through recovery? Find out how to do with TWRP by reading the guide I linked to you below.

LINK |How to flash SuperSU on Android with TWRP Recovery