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The hunt for Worker Bee continues

The hunt for Worker Bee continues

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Now officially confirmed. Apple also filed a complaint against Yahoo Inc. to obtain the logs of those who posted on Geocities (a Yahoo service) images of products not yet released. This is confirmed by how some sites, including ours, had written some day ago he comes from the court of Santa Clara from which, on the initiative of Judge Gregory H. Ward, the injunction was issued. The provision with regard to Yahoo aimed at obtaining the legal tools to trace back to the IP and therefore to the identity of a self-styled Worker Bee (Ape Operaia) to which we referred in yesterday's news, an anonymous who using the combination of sites on Geocities and post at AppleInsider's BBS revealed in advance some of the products that were then presented at MacWorld Expo. "What was revealed by Worker Bee – says Apple's corporate security investigator Robin Zonic – are industrial secrets, known only to a group that has signed an NDA contract (non disclosure agreement, or an agreement not to disclose what has been learned). This caused irreparable damage to Apple. Through our internal investigation system we have not been able to trace the identity of "Worker Bee" and, therefore, we request the intervention of a court to obtain the information necessary to ascertain its identity, to recover the damages suffered and to prevent that in the future similar episodes can be repeated ". But what are the possibilities for Apple to trace back to the injunction to Yahoo to the true identity of Worker Bee? Few, according to security expert Elias Levy, of Security Focus. "If only he had a minimum of brains – said Levy to Wired – he registered himself under a false name and used a computer different from the one he uses at work". The maximum hope for Apple, therefore, to trace back to the activity of Worker Bee on Geocities, hours of posting and the IP address of its provider. In this case it may be possible to trace the telephone number from which the "mole" made its Internet connections. "But the chances of finding the manager remain in any case 50% – Levy said – many ISPs maintain the logs for months, others only for a few days. Others, like Free ISPs, have no procedures to clearly identify users who use their services. If Worker Bee has used, for example, highly unlikely NetZero to be traced back to him. "But who would be Worker Bee in the opinion of experts and observers. "He could be a person inside the company – he always tells Wired David Morgenstern, who in his role as former director of MacWeek used to publish in advance the characteristics of products not yet released by Apple – a disgruntled employee for what reason, or someone who believes he is doing public relations work or someone who, using confidential information, tries to manipulate Apple's stock prices. Finally not even said that it is someone within the company. It could also be simply an individual who had accidental access to these secrets. "After the post series indicted at Apple Insider's BBS, Worker Bee announced last July 29 that it would disappear for some time" until there would be other to say ".

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