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The European Union against Microsoft.

The European Union against Microsoft.

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At 1.01 pm a launch by the ANSA press agency (also taken from the Mediaset, MediasetOnLine teletext channel at 13.03) entitled "EU: Procedure against Microsoft" thus read: "Suspected server control. European Competition Commissioner Mario Monti has opened an infringement procedure against Microsoft, suspected of having used its dominant position in the PC sector to try to control the server market as well. Software developer Sun Microsystems has reported that Bill Gates' giant would have broken EU competition rules by practicing a discriminatory licensing policy. (HANDLE)".

We avoid a possible judgment on the language used by ANSA to express the concept, but let us focus on the discovery of a new "vein" by the justice system in the Microsoft case which, after the "full blown" monopoly in the field of operating systems, could now also risk on the server front (and Sun, which is Microsoft's great competitor, has all the reasons to be the promoter of the action).

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