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The best 8 free Android File Managers

The big difference between Android and iOS, that Android allows each user the freedom to access the file system of their device. File transfers between a computer and a smartphone or tablet are very simple. Simply connect the device with a USB cable to the PC and launch the file manager on your desktop. But how do you do it when you need to manage files in mobility? We need to start a nice Android manager, an important software, which strangely is not included as a standard app on moltismartphone or tablet. If you are looking for the best Android file manager to better manage your files, in this guide you will discover our list of 8 best free Android file managers.

The best free Android File Manager

Those who play on Android, know the value of these applications well. They allow access to all folders and files not only of the operating system, but also of the applications present on Android devices. Here is a list of the best free Android 8 File Managers.

1. File Manager (Free)

File Manager provides a wide range of file management features. The application covers all the basic functions for file management: for example, you can copy, paste, delete and move a file or folder. Through the lateralesi bar it can access favorite folders, local storage locations, multimedia galleries, a lightweight media player, and a creator of compressed archives. Furthermore, it can be used as a cloud storage client for Dropbox and Google Drive services, and also supports FTP and LAN Samba, as well as app management.

android file manager

2. ASTRO Cloud & File Manager (Free)

ASTRO Cloud & File Manager another popular and powerful file management app on Android. As it can be seen from the name, ASTRO includes local management features that cloud local management. This means that it is possible to manage the internal memory of the SD card but also to expand the flow through the cloud. The default view allows you to use the entire screen to scroll through files. Side swipes recall the various memory paths and extra tools including an app manager, an SD Card analyzer and other user-settable features.

Free Android File Manager 2

3. Explorer (Free)

Brother of Root Explorer, Explorer a free file manager. It covers the basic features, also providing a smaller version of the Root Explorer features (for a fee). In addition to the basic operations for file management, there is a multi-tab interface. Explorer provides many extras like different cloud storage services, Drive, Box and Dropbox, as well as support for Zip, Tar and File rar archive files, and a text editor.

Free explorer Android File Manager

4. Total Commander (free)

The name Total Commandershould be familiar to many PC users, because it is already a popular third-party desktop file management tool. The developer has created the counterpart for Android, bringing the characteristic Total Commander two-panel navigation system to mobile users. This app allows copying and comparing files and folders in a particularly manageable way. The Root function, multiple selection, file sorting, signaled a light media player are among the extra features. Plugins are also available for FTP and LAN support.

Free Total Commander Android File Manager

5. Ghost Commander (Free)

Ghost Commander a file management tool inspired by Total Commander. Brings the display of the two-panel navigation system to Android devices. Particularly noteworthy is the support for Ghost Commander, which allows you to manage hardware keys for the quick start of some functions. Furthermore, the application includes FTP support.

Free Android File Manager ghost commander

6. X-plore File Manager (Free)

X-plore File Managervery reminiscent of the appXtree. It offers a two-panel file explorer with buttons and features displayed in a dividing column in the center of the screen. Very similar to Total Commander, the two-panel interface makes comparison and file movement easy. The fundamental difference that the X-plore folder view is similar to the Windows Explorer sidebar ?Folder?.

Among the many additional features, we find the creation of zip and unpacking files, as well as LAN support and web storage.

Free xplore Android File Manager

7. File Expert (Free)

File Expert a multi-tab file manager, oriented to multimedia files. It performs its tasks differently from other applications. File Expert automatically searches for video files, music, images and documents and then presents them in an ordered File tab for quick access. Present a "Folder" for the classic access to the files on the device, and "My Tools" which includes utilities such as a system cleaner and a plugin manager to extend the functionality of the app.

Free Android File Manager file expert

8. File Explorer (Free)

File Explorer o FX, offers a nice navigation interface. The main page shows a unique window that displays additional bookmarks, files and resources. therefore it is possible to open new windows that can be displayed in multiple display style, like Total Commander, but also including the possibility of creating other windows. The application includes the display of thumbnails, a text editor, support for WiFi, sharing SMB, the Recycle Bin, and an optional plugin for accessing system files by requesting root permissions.

Free Android file manager file explorer


These are among the best free Android File Managers that are indispensable for managing system files and any other files on the device. Which file manager do you use? Let us know through the comments in this article.