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Startup with Google is the site with tools and tips for startups

Google has launched Startup with Google, a new site that brings together resources for startup founders and their new companies.

Google has launched Startup With Google (Startup with Google), a new site that brings together resources for startup founders and their new companies.

Startup with Google, all the tools for startuppers

As the name suggests, the focus of Startup with Google on tools, services and initiatives of Google itself (everything from Firebase and Android Studio to Analytics and the various security tools for the Cloud) and also a showcase of accelerators and events that are sponsored by Google, even if managed by third parties. In addition, the new site also shows the various options available in its coworking network and Launchpad, its startup acceleration program.

Startup with Google: a collection of success stories

What is particularly interesting about the new Startup with Google site also has a section for best practices, including sections on how to recruit, manage a team at its best, raise funds, design new products and further useful topics for startup founders. These sections are mainly intended to emphasize the availability of Google resources and services (often through its re: Work project), but the self-promotion connotation is decidedly less intense compared to the Tool and Community section and has a lot of interesting information.

Google is good for startups

Google claims that startups linked to its ecosystem have raised over $ 3.9 billion in funding and generated more than 40,000 jobs since 2011. Google does not specify how many of these are still active and how many economic returns they have brought to investors, but the ecosystem it refers to is certainly large, even if not comparable with the numbers of the networkY Combinator.

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