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Sony postpones the launch of PSX 2 in Europe

Sony postpones the launch of PSX 2 in Europe

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Sony could postpone the launch of PSX 2 in Europe for almost a month. The English online tabloid The Register anticipates it today, according to which the move would be dictated by market considerations that would require satisfying the demand of the US market in the first place. According to some sources, in fact, the pre-orders on the American market would already today largely exceed the possibilities of being satisfied and Sony does not intend to disappoint or irritate the stars and stripes consumers. The Japanese company would have planned to initially supply 625,000 units to US stores, a target market that could be easily broken according to some information coming from the sales channels. Many shopkeepers have in fact decided to suspend the preorders, perhaps on the advice of Sony itself, which fears that it will not be able to satisfy the request. Here is the decision to postpone the launch in Europe, which was initially scheduled for 26 October, simultaneously to the American one. In this way, Sony hopes, the impact on assembly lines would have the possibility of being more diluted.

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