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Online music: one download every 16 is legal

The intuition of Steve Jobs proves apt: the true competitor of the iTunes Music Store the illegally downloaded music and what was missing to turn "pirates" into consumers was an acceptable and honest alternative to illegal downloading.

If iTMS has also cut the milestone of 50 million pieces downloaded in Europe, the first statistics also come on how the international scene of legal and illegal downloads is evolving, for the first time comparable.

While according to surveys on surfers' preferences they show that iTunes arrived at the second position in the choices of those who download (first WinMX, third Limewire, then Kazaa and iMesh), the estimated figure for the US simple: in March 4% of those who have the internet connection has legally downloaded at least one song.

According to what was reported in the 2006 Digital Music Survey, conducted by gathering data from four thousand consumers from Entertainment Media Research, 35% of music consumers now download legally through services such as iTunes (especially with that of iTunes, to say looking at the numbers ) and that soon the figure will reach 40%. The British newspaper Guardian writes.

This means, essentially, that every 16 songs downloaded illegally there is a legal one. In addition, the growth rate of those who download legally on the rise: about 25% of the unloaders intend to move to the "legal" side of the market, while it was 16% in 2004.

Again, the data relating to the type of online buyer is judged very interesting. These are "illegal unloaders" and this pushes the experts to evaluate differently the behaviors of the generation that until now has only downloaded for free and illegal. Probably possible, experts say, to convince them to buy music instead of downloading it illegally. All it takes is a fair offer.