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No Apple carioca

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Apple denies having plans to build a plant in Brazil. The rumor spread on Friday by the financial information service Bloomberg that Apple Brazil manager Luciano Kubrusly would meet the Santa governor in this regard Catarina, a state in the south of the South American country where Apple plans to build a plant. According to the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo, the first news agency to report the rumor, Apple intends to use the assembly line to build high-end versions of its machines, in particular the PowerMac G4.Apple for, as mentioned , he denied. "We have no plans to build a plant in Brazil," said Fernando del Granado, marketing manager for Latin America. "Many computer manufacturers have decentralized their assembly lines in developing countries like China and Mexico. Brazil, although part of the privileged nations due to the low labor costs, is not among the most appetite countries for communication difficulties and the industrial infrastructure considered inadequate.

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