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New Dropbox logo: rebranding focuses on creativity

Dropbox rebranding arrives: the new logo does not depart from the previous design, but becomes composed of five isometric and colored squares

Here comes the new Dropbox logo, Dropbox Rebranding focuses on creativity: do colors make the Cloud exciting?

The new Dropbox logo

New Dropbox rebranding logo

Although Dropbox is an excellent product used by over 500 million people, making a filing service that is not easy to look sexy and exciting, no matter how good this is. But society is trying to turn to creative people with a redesign, which adds a myriad of colors, a new, updated logo and a new character.

The Dropbox rebrandig: from the logo to the colors

The new Dropbox logo it moves away from the previous design, which lasted ten years, easily identifiable as a box, to a more abstract image composed of five isometric squares. Society calls it "a flat, simpler icon". Furthermore, the logo will no longer be limited to the blue and white colors that match the aesthetic choices of Twitter and Facebook, but will "change based on the situation". Recently, YouTube has also renewed its image.

rebranding dropbox new logo

Dropbox: the new logo speaks of the creativity of the customers who use it

Dropbox hopes that the new colors will help it stand out from competitors like Microsoft OneDrive and iCloud and that the palette a "nod to the creativity of our users".The renewed design also introduces a new character called Sharp Grotesk. It comes in different sizes and styles, including a flattened and super thin style.

Rebranding Dropbox s, but who noticed it?

Despite the Dropbox rebranding, many users may not even notice the changes. The Dropbox user interface in both the app and the web version will remain mostly the same, with the new colors and the logo that will be shown in a more prominent way in the marketing materials of the company. Advertising campaigns will be "strategically placed in cities and neighborhoods where creative people tend to live and work".

Watch the rebrandingDropbox video, although most of the content doesn't seem to be related to a cloud business.