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In 25 in the focus of Apple

In 25 in the focus of Apple

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Not one but 25 people suspected by Apple of having disseminated information on MacWorld Expo products in advance. He would learn from reading the documents accompanying the complaint presented to the Santa Clara County Court in California. "Apple – reads an article in TechWeb – would suspect that an anonymous John Doe (Mr." Pinco Palla "of the American NDR) has spread in collaboration with other 24 anonymous industrial secrets captured and disclosed illegally". It is not clear why Apple has indicated such a precise number of possible defendants. Most likely the Cupertino company would have found traces that lead to a leak of information from more precisely individual points of its structure and that without a group work could not have been collected and distributed on the Internet, as was done later. Just Internet would have been the means and the occasion to spread the news. The lawsuit of Apple, in fact, refers precisely to the post "in accessible areas of the Internet", in particular Web sites and bulletin boards. Apple has not clearly stated to which sites and which BBS it refers to in its legal statement, but it seems clear that in the viewfinder there are two private sites hosted by Geocities in which images of biprocessor G4s and keyboards and mice (not of the Cube) appeared. ). According to some journalistic sources, Apple has already asked Yahoo Inc. (which controls Geocities) to have the IP numbers of the individuals who have uploaded the Web pages. One of these would already be known, at least as regards the code name. It is a self-styled "Worker Bee" who for some time has also been visiting the AppleInsider forum posting information that later turned out to be very precise about what he was preparing for Apple. Worker Bee, according to many observers, a person in close contact with the development environments of Cupertino if not, as suggested by the name of battle (Ape Operaia) a direct employee of Apple. Since the publication of the news of the legal action "Worker Bee" disappeared from the BBS of AppleInsider whose members say they are convinced that he is the goal of Apple. in the complaint document that the anonymous person would have obtained unspecified profits from the dissemination of information covered by industrial secrecy, profits that Apple claims as compensation for the damage suffered. In addition to this, Apple also asks that the court evaluate the possibility of requesting further compensation to be assessed in court.

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