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iMania also by car.

It is not uncommon to find still mounted on the old American fleet of archaeological finds such as radios with cassette player 8 tracks, in the United States has never caught on the RDS system and little (as here here, A4 motorway excluded) is spoken of digital radio DAB … but vis-a-vis the Internet, evidently, one surrenders to progress.

Motorola has developed a system called iRadio that brings the Internet into the car at a price (assumed) ranging from $ 1000 to $ 3000.

In competition with this newly revealed system is that of Clarion that last year presented AutoPC (in collaboration with Windows, which supplies Windows CE).

In addition to the classic AM-FM radio (parbleu!), Both systems would offer web access with news, sports, stock exchange, GPS and certainly e-mail, but that's not all.

General Motors will supply Internet access (thanks to OnStar) on 32 of its 54 models on request, and on a Cadillac model (of the GM group), DeVille, will debut browsing but only if car will be parked. Ford doesn't lag behind and announces something similar about the more luxurious models. From 2004/2005 it will be a standard.