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iMac well, Cube and G4 boh?

iMac well, Cube and G4 boh?

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iMac well, for the Cube and the new G4 all to see. These are the sales forecasts prepared by some analysts on the future market of the new hardware in New York. According to the experts who advise investors on the AAPL stock, the best chances of winning the hearts of consumers always remain with iMac. New colors, the new iMovie and the revision of the line with the introduction of a machine for just $ 799 will be enough to maintain the "cool" effect and push high-end desktop sales once again. "The color review – said Bear Stearns analyst Andrew Neff – was a surprise. With these changes they will consolidate their position as a leader in the colored machines sector ". The same opinion is expressed in statements to Maccentral by Richard Chu of S.G. Cowen.e from Mark Corcoran of D.A. Davidson & CoMa if, as mentioned, the sales forecasts for iMac remain good the opinions on the new G4 and on the Cube are contrasting. In fact, there are those who claim, like David Bailey of Gerard Klauer Mattison & Co that "The Cube almost perfectly completes the range of Apple but also those who, like Steven Fortuna of Merrill Lynch, think that" there is still some aspect to be clarified before to convince us that it is a determining factor in Apple's sales ?. To leave in doubt Fortuna would be the scarce expandability. In addition to this, according to Merrill Lynch's analyst, his price makes him not very competitive with other products, especially internal competitors. "Why should I buy a Cube when I can buy a biprocessor with just $ 200 more?" But the damage would be trivial, in any case "At bottom they will not sell the Cube – says Fortuna – but they will sell the G4". The same opinion is expressed by David Bailey that "Mac users have been asking for a biprocessor for a long time. Now they have it and at the same price as the single processor ". Chris Le Tocq from the Gartner Group does not seem so convinced that biprocessors are a good choice for Apple. "They put the cart before the horse. The G4 will sell, but many consumers will wait for the release of MacOs X and applications specifically designed for multiprocessing processing. ?According to sources close to Apple in Cupertino, it is expected to sell 800,000 Cubes within 12 months, but many analysts are much more cautious estimating in just over 700,000 pieces sold in a year. In any case, the optimism is not lacking: Richard Chu thinks that the year-on-year growth at the end of 2000 will be 20% "with bases to monetize the base of installed Mac customers and for a future innovation". Hence the decision to upgrade the Cupertino title, defined as extremely cheap, to be "purchased" to "accumulate".

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