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How to share Facebook Video on WhatsApp Android

In recent years, Facebook has been focusing a lot on the video platform. In fact, it is possible to save a video or choose its quality, the options are immense. However, despite these expansions, one thing remained unchanged: the option to share Facebook videos on WhatsApp still remains an almost impossible task. At least from within the official app. If this is a problem for you to share videos on WhatsApp, now here you have found a solution that allows you toshare Facebook Video on WhatsApp for Android devices.

But today creating alternative solutions is no longer a problem. So, since Facebook does not allow you to download videos from the application onto your phone, we will borrow the functionality from a different application and offer you a solution to the problem of being able to share Facebook Video on WhatsApp for Android. And this seems to be the only solution, at least for now.

How to share Facebook Video on WhatsApp

As we have said, this function is not present in the official app, so we will have to use a third-party app. The application we will use is called HD Video Download for Facebookwhich, as you can imagine, allows you to download Facebook videos directly to your phone and then share them on WhatsApp. So, without further ado, let's see how.

This app for Android is called HD Video Download for Facebook overcomes the problem of other similar apps, it allows you to manually choose the storage location of the video on the internal memory or on an SD card or to choose the number of simultaneous downloads. You can download the app from the Play Store at the following link:

LINK |HD Video Download for Facebook

Setting of HD Video Download for Facebook

HD Video Download for Facebook a simple application with an easy process to manage videos downloaded from Facebook. Once logged in using your FB credentials, click on a video to activate the play bar.

With this app, you can not only download all the videos you want, you can also download them in the high definition (HD) version when this is available.

share Facebook Video on WhatsApp: HD Video Download for Facebook

After clicking on the video you wish to download, click on the download icon. This is all you need. Set the name of the video based on your preference, save it in the internal memory or on an SD card of your smartphone and then share the video on WhatsApp as a normal video.

Next time you see an interesting video on Facebook – be it a tasty video or a funny video that you don't want to share just with your Facebook friends, now you know how to share it with your WhatsApp friends, this simple trick all that what you need to share a Facebook video on WhatsApp, I hope it was useful.

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