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Difference between Say and Tell

The words 'to say' and 'to say' are both irregular verbs, as a form of the past participle, they do not have an end 'and' regular, that is to say it becomes said and said becomes said. While the word ' to say 'used to pronounce something verbally,' tell 'can be used to give information, give evidence or orders to a person.

Therefore, the first and most important difference between these two that we do not mention to whom we refer, in the case of 'say', but we mention it in the case of 'tell'. Let's look at the examples below for a better understanding:

  • Mary He says who has no brothers to talk to. I have them say that you can talk to me.
  • Has say : "You dir the truth, at the right time ".
  • Say to Him of to say what he feels.
  • He was me saying that you were saying one illness on me.

In the examples above, you may have observed that by your saying express your thoughts, your feelings, etc. But with 'tell' you have to inform someone about something or address someone.

Comparative graph

Basis for comparisonDireTo account
Sense Saying means saying words, to express opinions, hear or give some information. Telling means providing information to a person orally or in writing.
Part of the speech Word and name Verb
Receiver When we use to say that it is not necessary to mention the receiver. When we use to say we must mention the receiver.
use Quotes and exact questions. Orders, tips and instructions.
Example Say nothing about it. I told her to stay away from this business.
He said, "She wants to be alone." Kate told me she's going to Mumbai.
What he said? The teacher told us to complete the project on time.

Definition of Say

Every time you say a word or speak something, you're actually saying it. used to express your opinion, suggestion, feelings, emotions, etc. And also to provide some information. It can be used in the following ways:

As a verb :

  1. For affirm, that is, to pronounce words :
    • I have say that I don't believe in ghosts.
    • Not to say nothing
    • I would like to to say something.
    • Jack He says that he likes bananas.
  2. To provide information :
    • Office policies they say that employees should come to the office on time, otherwise the salary for the day in question would be deducted.
    • Watch he says that the 2 clock.
  3. For to hire something:
    • Let's say that we get the interest @ of 10%, so what amount you will invest.
  4. For to repeat something:

As an exclamation :

  1. To show a feeling of shock or surprise and also to look for attention on what you're going to talk about:
    • To say! do you really think I should ask him for help?

As a name :

  1. Indicate the right or opportunity to speak say something:
    • Rishabh does not have voice in chapter in his family.
    • The mediator has the last one word argument.

Definition of Tell

The word 'tell' used to tell, communicate, discern, instruct or announce something to someone. Thus, a person's name or object pronoun must follow the verb 'tell'. The uses of say are given as below:

  1. Tell used to to talk about a person to inform them :
    • When I have them say the truth was shocked.
    • My mother recounts funny stories.
    • You don't have to believe everything your colleagues do they say .
  2. To give orders, directions or instructions :
    • Say to Him to stay away from me.
    • The teacher has me say the process of completing the practice.
    • My mother has me say to wake up early in the morning.
  3. It can also be used for know something:
    • talk to me of your future plans.
    • you can tell me, if this bus goes to Amritsar?
  4. To show, reveal or represent :
    • This device will He says the exact GPS position of a person.
    • The picture will recounts The whole story.
  5. To provide some personal, private or confidential or secret information :
    • Please do not tell to nobody.

Key differences between Say and Tell

The differences between saying and telling can be drawn clearly from the following reasons:

  1. The word 'say' used to indicate something, specifically opinions, feelings, suggestions and so on. On the other hand, to say used to say something to a person, ie to provide information or narrate something.
  2. While say can be used as a noun, verb, and interjection, tell can only be used as a verb.
  3. When you use the word 'say', it is not necessary to use the name of the person to whom we refer. On the other hand, to use the word 'tell' we must use the name of the person or an object pronoun, ie he, she, them, us etc. To indicate the person to whom we refer.
  4. Basically, it is used to say with quotation marks and exact questions (in direct speech), however, in the case of indirect speech we use the word 'asked'. On the contrary, tell mainly used when we give orders, instructions and advice.


To say

  • She wants to say something.
  • I do not have say nothing to Paul.
  • Would you to say something?

To tell

  • I have them say to register online for lessons.
  • Say a Robin I greeted.
  • He has me say to take subject books.

How to remember the difference

While using these two words in the sentence, you should keep in mind that you do not use the object pronoun with 'say', as it is used only with 'tell'. Also, when something expressed in exact words, use said and don't say, since Tell is used with instructions and commands.