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Check if Activation Lock and Find My iPhone are active

Apple has always been attentive to the problem of theft and / or loss of iOS devices. For this reason, with iOS 7 a new protection function was introduced which, if activated, does not in any way allow the person who stole the device to restore it or take any action. The function in question is called Activation lock and activates automatically when set Find my iPhone. How to check if Activation Lock and Find my iPhone are active? Read on to learn how.

The market for stolen iOS devices very active, so you could run the risk of buying a device with iOS 7 or higher that was stolen and, once received, due to the activation block, you are unable to restore the iPhone or iPad. Or, quite simply, the seller forgets to deactivate Find my iPhone before selling the device, with subsequent problems on the part of the buyer.Find my iPhoneTo help solve these problems or prevent them, we decided to write this guide that allows you to check if the Activation Lock is active and, if so, how to disable it. Let's see how.

Find my iPhone eBlock activation: how to check if they are active

  • Before purchasing an iPhone used by a private individual other than Apple, you must verify that the device has been initialized and has been disconnected from the old Apple account. If you don't know how to check this, read on.
  • Turn on your iPhone or iPad and scroll to unlock it.
  • If you see the code lock screen or the Home screen when you turn it on, it means your iPhone has not been initialized. In this case you have to ask the old owner to initialize the device by going to Settings> General> Reset> Initialize content and settings. This is a crucial step if you want to reuse an already used iPhone.
  • Performing the previous operation, start the process of a new device configuration.
  • Start choosing the language and a country and connect to a network, only now will the device start activation. If the Apple ID and password of the previous owner are requested, it means that your account is still connected. In this case you must return to the old owner and have your password entered. If this is not easily accessible, you can still remove the device from your account by logging in to
  • You will know that your device is ready for use when you see the message "Configure iPhone","Configure iPad"At the first ignition.

The advice I feel to give you not to take possession of an iPhone or iPad device used, until the previous owner has removed his account, or when Activation Lock and Find my iPhone are active. Check first with the procedure you saw earlier.

I remind you that Activation Lock only works with iPhone and iPad devices with iOS 7 or later. If you have an older version of iOS 7, this feature will not work, so you can safely buy the iPhone without further checks.