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Broadband expands in Europe

Broadband expands in Europe

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18% of the homes of European citizens will be connected to the broadband Internet by 205. According to a study by Forrester Reaserch, which attributes the expansion of the market to the decrease in prices and competition in the telecommunications sector. 'today – says Forrester Research – only 1% of citizens have high-speed Internet access. But this percentage is destined to grow exponentially in the coming months ". Already by the end of 2001, European homes will have 8% broadband, but their number will increase rapidly. The most common type of service will be ADSL (53% of the market), followed by cable service (27%). The remaining 20% ??will be the prerogative of satellite and fiber optic cable services. The leading countries will be the Nordic ones. According to Forrester, 36 to 40% of the citizens of Denmark, Norway and Sweden will have broadband access by 2005. In other countries the diffusion will be smaller also due to the geographic difficulties and to the limitations imposed by ADSL. To provide the service will be mainly the large national operators. Small providers will instead be put in a corner by investment costs and technology.

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