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April Fool … in August?

April Fool … in August?

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A self-styled Swedish company called "Xtrem" issued a press release in which it claims to have released a new 1.2GHz Mac-compatible computer, named "XtremMac". The new system would be equipped with a 1200MHz G4 and would offer the possibility of select the video cards between NVIDIA, 3dfx or ATI, would have some unspecified "high-performance ports" and would take advantage of a system bus of 150MHz. As if this were not enough the system would install a modified Apple notherboard, dobrevve support 1.5GB of RAM, it would have a SCSI drive RAID interface with a transfer rate of up to 320MB / sec and would also offer the possibility to mount ZIP, Jaz or other standard devices. Even the case (in aluminum) should be equipped with a ventilation system that makes the use of the cooling fan useless. As was to be expected our attempts to contact the company were completely useless. We would have liked to have known, for example, where they recovered the G4 at 1200 MHz since the latter does not even exist on paper … or how they built a Mac clone since with the return of Jobs, one of the first moves of APple was to revoke the license for the construction of Mac-compatible computers. What to say: perhaps the heat of this torrid summer, began to take effect also in Sweden! (Edited by Mauro Notarianni)

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