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Apple Arcade, comes the official game of Steven Universe

Up Apple Arcade a new game arrives, that is Steven Universe: Unleash the Light, the official game of Cartoon Network's eponymous cartoon. Those who know the series and have looked at it in their original language will be happy to know that the same voice actors were used for the game. Once again Steven and associates are called upon to save the galaxy, against two new gems.

The game uses the mechanics of the Turn-based RPG: a party of characters is composed and an action is specified for each of them. There are special abilities and several options to choose from. The commands are managed with a virtual pad that appears on the screen, if there is no physical keyboard on the affected device.

Apple has added new titles to its subscription video game service with some regularity in the past weeks, but apparently the trend has ended with reaching 100 titles, as had been promised at the presentation stage. We remind you that the service allows you to pay one monthly fee of ? 5, and then to play any title in the catalog, without advertising and without internet connection, on all your compatible devices – including iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac and Apple TV (by the way, many of these products are recording considerable discounts on the occasion of Black Friday 2019. Follow our live live in real time, or the other live where we only put the bombs not to be missed!).