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Android 7.0 update: how to get it on any smartphone

Did you buy your smartphone a while ago and did not receive any updates to Android 7.0? You can receive the Android 7.0 update even if the manufacturer has not released the official update, just rely on custom ROMs! In this guide I will show you how to upgrade Android 7.0 on any smartphone recently using a custom ROM.

Caution: the procedure is quite safe, but in case of error the smartphone can be irreparably damaged. The site assumes no responsibility for damage to things or persons resulting from the use of this guide.

Android 7.0 update

Download the LineageOS ROM and the GApps

The custom ROM that will replace the old one on your LineageOS 14.1 smartphone, based on Android 7.0 Nougat so it can suit your purposes. You can download this ROM (using a PC) from the following link, making sure to download the right ROM based on the smartphone model at your disposal.


Android 7.0 update

Choose the brand from the top left and then the model in your possession, then download the latest Nightly released.

Android 7.0 update

Together with LineageOS you will also need to download the GApps, which are the fundamental Google apps to access the Play Store and the main Google services. You can retrieve suitable GApps for your device from the following link.


Android 7.0 update

To choose the right GApps select the architecture of your device (you can easily see it through the Android Hardware Infosullo smartphone), the operating system (since you install Android 7.0 select this operating system) and under the heading Variant leave selected Stock.

Before proceeding with the installation you will have to do things adopt a customized recovery, otherwise you will not be able to get the advantages of LineageOS and the new GApps (which being unofficial software will never be installed by the recovery stock).

Install a custom recovery

To install a new customized recovery on your smartphone you can follow one of the guides present here on the site, where you will be explained step by step how to install one. The most famous custom recovery that you can install TWRP; you can find out how to install it by reading the following guide.

LINK |Like Flashing TWRP on any smartphone

If you have problems with the locked bootloader (very likely on some high-end smartphones) you can unlock the bootloader with one of the guides on the site and reachable at the following link.

LINK |Unlock bootloader guides

Install LineageOS

Now that you've got custom recovery, it's time to upgrade to Android 7.0.

NOTE: passing to LineageOS you will lose the files saved on the device (better to make a backup then) and the customizations of the manufacturer, so think again before going ahead with the guide!

Copy the LineageOS file (a zip file) and the GApps file (also a zip file) into the internal memory of the device and use TWRP to install them on your device. The procedure is as follows:

  • Move with the volume keys and confirm with the keyPower; select the menu itemWipeand then swipe your finger up Swipe to factory reset. This operation will format the device except the internal memory
  • Now go back to the TWRP main menu and select the iteminstall
  • Select the Lineage OS zip file transferred previously and then confirm to start the installation
  • At the end select againinstalland then install the Gapps file which is also present in the internal memory.
  • Bring it up again Wipe and use the voice Swipe to data / Factory reset.

Upon rebooting you will have LineageOS as your operating system and you will have obtained the Android 7.0 update on your smartphone even if the manufacturer had "abandoned" it.

Other guides

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