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Amazon Fashion from the catwalk at home in an hour

Amazon Fashion showed during London Fashion Week that you can get the clothes presented in the show in just one hour.

Amazon Fashion can get you the fashion items presented during London Fashion Week in just one hour. You will not even have the time to covet what you see on the catwalk that Amazon will satisfy the desire. The online retail giant has lost the exclusive patent on the purchase in 1-click buying mode, but this certainly does not mean that he has abandoned the idea of ??making the purchase fast and easy what you want. One of his most recent tests has included the possibility, during a London fashion show, to have his favorite item of clothing delivered. within 60 minutes.

Amazon Fashion, the Nicopanda test

In partnership with the Nicopanda brand (led by the creative director of Diesel Nicole Formichetti), Amazon has given fashion addicts the chance to win some of London Fashion Week's garments. The six pieces available for purchase included a hooded sweatshirt, a long-sleeved shirt, a bomber-like jacket, a scarf, a bag and leggings.

Nicopanda's designs immediately make your head spin. We are excited to be able to bring such an exciting brand to our users for the first time. he said Susan Saideman, vice president of Amazon Fashion Europe.

The costs of Amazon Fashion

But getting what you want so quickly is not cheap: in addition to the Amazon Prime subscription price and the cost of the garment, customers have had to shell out an extra premium service for fast delivery of this type of items. For those who are true fans of Nicopanda and its bright colors, the graphic motifs and the famous design of a panda, the expenditure proved to be undoubtedly justified.

Amazon Fashion a new attempt to conquer fashion

This is not the first time Amazon has made a foray into the fashion world. The online shopping giant has its own brand, Find, and even launched a subscription-based service in trial mode before buying, but this is the first time that high fashion becomes so fast. Amazon and Nicopanda are not the only brands hoping to capitalize on our desire for instant gratification, in fact other brands, including Burberry, Topshop and Tommy Hilfiger are, it turns out, evaluating the implementation of fast purchasing options.

Amazon Fashion Nicopanda