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All CD covers with Album Cover Finder

With the release of Album Cover Finder, now in version (2.4 MB), it will be very easy to recover most of the covers of the discs you digitized, thanks to Amazon.

Everyone who uses iTunes will enjoy it and will enjoy iPod photo owners that show the album covers running.

This small application works both in Lite mode (free) and Full (by buying a serial number for just over 5 euros), but already from the basic version you will have interesting satisfactions, the other mode you can test it for free for only 15 minutes.

To search for the album covers of Album Cover Finder, use the databases of Amazon's international sites. When you start, you will be asked which Amazon to search for between USA, UK, Germany and Japan.

Amazon provides a scan of all the CDs they sell at a decent quality (not great) for a size of 300 x 300, which is more than enough for the window that makes iTunes available, even if the songs purchased from the iTunes Music Store they are at higher resolution.

The Full version also searches for song lyrics or the list of all songs on the album, as well as reviews.

It is unlikely to find the covers of many Italian records of medium or small caliber, treating Amazon mainly singers where he has an online store (and in Italy there is no Amazon).

In Album Cover Finder you enter the name of the musician / group and the title of the album, in a few moments the cover will appear, just press the right mouse button (if present) and select copy, go to iTunes, select all the songs on the same disc and click Apple + I (or Information from the File menu) and paste the common image in the small box to the right of this window. Everything works even with single-button mice, but the one described is the fastest system.

Remember that in iTunes you can paste multiple images for the same disc.

Thanks to Luca Stringara for contributing to the topic.