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The Voodoo 5 5500 now available

The Voodoo 5 5500 now available

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Waiting for months, it is now possible to buy it directly online from the 3dfx website for the price of 330 dollars. The card, as is known, works on PCI slots and is supplied with 64 Mb of ram video, directly supports QuickTime, Quick Draw, QuickDraw 3D, OpenGL and Glide. Interesting the possibility of hooking up the monitors with DVI connector, in addition to the normal SVGA monitors: this feature could be strategic in facilitating the transition to new machines to all those who had invested different money in the purchase of a monitor with a DVI connector, no longer present in the new machines of Apple. To say little about performance, in many, hand tests, do not see this card as a much more performing alternative to the ATI series as a whole, also because of the PCI bus on which it works, however, for those who work mainly on 3D, the card remains very interesting, as well as for those who want an excellent card for games, where the ATI on the other hand definitely shows shortness of breath.

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