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The instant machine of 2000

The instant machine of 2000

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Printing digital photos will become easier if you affirm and spread a new technology that Olympus and Polaroid announced yesterday. The two giants of the image, in fact, have formed an alliance for the production of a camera (with Olympus brand) that is supplied with a cartridge capable of directly printing 10 high-resolution color images. In practice, just after shooting, as was the case with the old instant cameras, you can immediately "develop" the photograph by obtaining a physical copy of it without using a printer. Contrary to what happened with the old Polaroids, for the Olympus also able to store photographs and choose which of those archived produce on paper. The digital machine, which also connects to the Mac via USB, has a resolution of 1,600 × 1200 pixels and also able to produce short films in QT. The preferred market target of the new Olympus

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