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The DVD-R arrives.

The DVD-R arrives.

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In September the Panasonic DVD-R DMR-E10 will be on sale for $ 3999 (the media will cost $ 35) and will contain a MPEG2 decoder / encoder in real time (this is the cause of the delay, because it is a rather expensive gem).

It is a full-fledged DVD-RAM and can record from one to four hours of video depending on the bit rate. You can also read DVD-ROMs, light VCDs and audio CDs (not audio DVDs and not DVD + RWs that are not recognized by the DVD Forum). It will support Dolby Digital 2.0 audio formats, but also Dolby Digital and DTS surround.

The inputs are analog only to avoid illegal digital copies, but with the Macrovision system it will not even be able to record VHS, DVDs and cable transmissions (a chimera from our parts) with this type of protection.

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