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Samsung returns to the top of smartphone display sales

Samsung has regained first place in global sales of smartphone displays in the third quarter of 2019, according to the latest analysis by IHS Markit: all credit for increasingly high demand for AMOLED panels – a sign that the South Korean giant saw us just a decade ago, when it decided to focus strongly on this technology to the detriment of LCDs. Confirmations in this regard are also provided by the quarterly fiscal results published by the South Korean company at the end of October.

In the period between July and September, Samsung was responsible for the supply of almost a third (about 29%) of smartphones produced. This is a significant increase compared to 21.3% in the previous quarter; there is no doubt that the debut of the new high-end iPhone models, the 11 Pro and its big brother 11 Pro Max, has had positive repercussions.

But the question goes beyond Apple: now all the major global producers, including the Chinese expedition leader Huawei, Oppo / Vivo / OnePlus and Xiaomi, offer one or more smartphones with AMOLED displays – and the trend is overcoming the boundaries of the higher end of the market. In fact, IHS notes that, for the first time, the total number of AMOLED screens has exceeded that of LCDs, even if for a short time – 146 million against 144. Numbers like this are not only obtained with super-expensive products, we must also reach more accessible market segments.

Samsung has a huge competitive advantage thanks to his foresight a few years ago, but competitors, especially Chinese, do not intend to stand by and watch. Manufacturers like BOE, Visionx, ChinaStar, EverDisplay and Tianma are gaining market share. But Samsung's production machinery is more advanced and refined, and the gap will be difficult to fill.