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Remote control for iPod and Mac from Griffin

rf pod

Griffin Techology yesterday launched a newly designed remote control, useful both for iPod fans and those who want to remotely control applications on the Mac. This is AirClick.

The device, instead of operating via infrared or ultrasound rays like those of other competitors, is based on radio signals that are able to overcome the walls and closed doors and operate without the receiver being "in sight" of the transmitter.

AirClick is sold in three different packages. One with a traditional iPod receiver (compatible with third-generation iPods with a touch-sensitive ring and a ring with buttons), one for iPod mini and one with a USB receiver.

The first two allow you to remotely control the player, for example holding it in your pocket, leaving it in the car seat or stored in a drawer. It is also possible to use the player placed in a different room since the range of the remote control of about 20 meters. The third dedicated to the use of applications on a computer located at a certain distance. It is possible to program iTunes or PowerPoint, for example, to work with the remote control.

Griffin in the package includes a support system that allows you to attach (using a velcro tape) the remote control to a bicycle handlebar or steering wheel.

The recommended cost for the US market of $ 39. Griffin products are distributed in Italy by American DataLine and Turnover.