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Questions to ask Siri

Questions to ask Siri

Do you know how to use Siri? The personal assistant that helps you perform various functions on your iPhone or iPad without using your hands, such as sending messages, making phone calls or checking the calendar and much more. But the nicest thing to do with Siri is to ask him questions and expect interesting answers, or … curious. In this guide we will see the questions to be asked to Siri and the answers you will get will leave you speechless.

Questions to ask Siri

Before seeing the questions to be asked to Siri, it is necessary to know the procedure to activate the Siri function on the device. First go up Settings> Siri and Search and make sure that the functions "Hey Siri" is "Press the Home button for Siri"Are active. It is necessary to have any internet connection, Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Hey Siri

Now you are ready to talk to Siri. To activate the function you can proceed in two ways: pronounce ?Hey Siri"And ask the question. Or, hold down the Home button, then tap the question mark located in the lower left corner of the Siri screen. To view a list of questions to ask Siri, press the Home button and ask: "Hey Siri, what can you do?"

What to ask Siri

The 10 questions to ask Siri with the nicest answers

At this point we are ready to pick up our iPhone and start asking Siri questions, not the ones to activate the classic functions on the iPhone. The questions to ask Siri are the strangest ones, that you would never have done, but that will amaze you with the answers.

  1. Tell me a joke. The answers are varied, all nice as: "I can't. I always forget the punch line. "Or: I don't know any jokes Simone … Actually, I don't even know one." The best when he tries to tell a joke, like …: "What did Isaac Newton say when the apple fell on the head? … .. "
  2. Siri you suck. In contrast to an insult, Siri always has a polite attitude, such as: "I am speechless", or "I am doing my best". But he completely displaces you when he replies: "So … I'm here for you anyway."
  3. What is the best phone? The obvious answer: "What you have in your hand right now", or, growing in sympathy: "One moment … why are there other phones too?"
  4. What is the meaning of life? To this question Siri begins to philosophize: "It is easy … It is a philosophical question that concerns the purpose and meaning of life or existence …", or, in a sympathetic way, replies: "All the evidence seems to suggest that the answer is chocolate ?.
  5. Do you like Samsung Galaxy S8? This question turns out to be excessively diplomatic. The only question that manages to give this: "We're talking about you, not me, Simone".
  6. Guess? The answers are those you would like to hear like: "Did you win the lottery?", "Do you have a brand new iPhone?", "Don't tell me … You've just been elected President of the Republic …".
  7. Tell me something. Even a story like this can be invented.Tell me something Siri
  8. Tell a fairy tale. Not a fairy tale, but it manages to make you smile: "I know a fairy tale by the sea that says so:" The sailor explained the sails to the wind … but the wind did not ".
  9. You are happy? He manages to be nice even with a serious question: "Sprizzo cheer from all the circuits", or, bestowing confidence: "I am happy and I hope you are happy too".
  10. Good night. At this evening wish, Siri not only responds in a nice way, like: "Good night, good night flower, but it also closes the connection and the home of the phone appears.

You can also have fun asking for the most unusual things for an electronic device and the answers you get will really entertain you. Try reading this other guide where you will find 100 fun things to ask Siri.