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Photography changes, forever

The biggest change in photography after the transition from film to digital. Lytro launches the first computational camera.

The biggest change in photography after switching from film to digital. Start-up Lytro has launched the first computational camera on the market. A machine that can profoundly change the way a photograph is taken. With the Lytro camera you can focus the photo after taking it, on any point of the image, it will be possible to obtain 3D images, without having a double objective and much more. The technical change at the base of the new camera is the information gathering mode. Lytro records what is called Light Field or the light field. In practice, all the light that traverses, in every direction, the visual field of the camera is captured.

The secret is in the new type of sensor that for each ray of light records the color, intensity and the vector of the direction of the ray. It is this information, the directionality, that is lost in the sensors of the cameras. The camera software analyzes all these information and able to create images never seen before, for example to focus on any point, even after shooting. Furthermore, the increase in performance will depend on the development of the software and not on the increase in sensors. One can therefore imagine a very rapid and less expensive development.

Lytro is already selling the first specimens for $ 399. If you want to discover the magic of focusing on photos at any point in the image you can experience it here