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New edition of the Bible on CD Card

New edition of the Bible on CD Card

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Editions of the Bible for Mac, in the past, have been realized and distributed also in Italy. But for their "seniority" it was, in particular, tools mainly based on the concept of hypertext, without multimedia supports characteristic of the more modern releases. Now, on the occasion of the year of the jubilee and in particular for the World Youth Day held in Rome from 15 to 20 August, ?Bible live? is released, a tool that contains a set of extremely interesting features: extreme simplicity of use, professionalism in all performances (consultation and quick search, cataloging and archiving of tracks or personal notes, export in RTF format, print functions, maps of biblical places … etc.) and with auto-update functions via the internet. It is also extremely economical. The text of the Bible (original CEI) enriched by the "notes of the Jerusalem Bible", the "EDB Pastoral Concordances" and all the Pope's messages to young people in preparation for the World Youth Days. To avoid any intrusion to the Inside the operating systems, Bible Live does not install any components inside the system folder, making it even easier to uninstall or copy any archived documents in case you need to reformat the hard disc. Bible Live requires for a complete installation 25 Mb of free memory on disk, screen with thousands of colors, resolution 800 × 600 and of course compatible with Mac (PPC Minimum) The only drawback arises from its support being currently on CD Card in the readers of the new iMac and in that G4 players with DVD RAM the CD Card cannot be installed. It will however be possible to download "bible live" via the Internet in a short time and later versions on CD could also be created.

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